Outsourced Data Mining, Text Mining, and Data Discovery

It's a fact -- organizations that discover and then utilize knowledge contained within their large datasets have key competitive advantages.

Here's another -- creation of an in-house analytics environment capable of advanced knowledge discovery requires significant investments in staff, software, systems, and time.

DataDrillers provides high-end data mining and text mining as a service. With our service provider model, clients receive the benefits of enterprise class data mining solutions and avoid the high costs of purchasing and staffing for them.

Additionally, with use of our in place solutions and services, clients can more quickly start to use the results of advanced analytics and avoid much of the internal negotiation for IT project priortity and roadmap positioning.

With DataDrillers Hosted Solutions
  • No software to purchase
  • No systems to buy
  • No staff to train
  • No IT roadmaps

Data Mining Services

How do you spell success?

key measure of our success is providing our Clients with the information to better manage their business. And we've been successful -- our data mining services and resulting actionable insights have produced millions of dollars of benefits for our clients. Our call center center billing audit and verification service has identified millions of dollars in incorrect invoicing from call center service providers and has discovered significant billing inaccuracies in over ninety percent of cases worked!

How does your organization discover business insights from your large datasets?

Let's talk data. Searching through millions of the available combinations of data variables including free form text, to discover the combinations that produce new insights is an enormous task - not to mention confusing! It requires expensive software, high-end systems, and highly specialized staff. Without an automated solution, most organizations can only scratch the surface when it comes to analyzing and extracting value from this data. Key knowledge about customers, products, and services remains hidden within the data. DataDrillers can help make sense of it all.

Cost effective data mining

DataDrillers hosted data mining solutions are designed for clients to quickly benefit from insights provided by high-end data mining without the high costs of internal development. Our automated data discovery systems can process very large datasets and millions of combinations of variables, including free form text, and discover the combinations that produce keyl insights.

Whether your need is to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, product quality or service -- insights to accomplishing these are available within your data today.

Discover how DataDrillers can help you unlock the hidden value in your data!